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Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well. We have been doing shows each weekend so I only have time to share a little. Laura is presently taking orders for the holidays. Wednesday, at the Hometown Market, she will have her Organic Dark Chocolate House as well as her Organic Gingerbread House for display and [...]

Hi Everyone, Please forgive us. With these weekend shows, it’s hard to put a newsletter together. The shows are just for a season though. We do want to let you know that we will be at the Kingston Armory (The Red Cross Craft Show) this Saturday & Sunday. Another tid bit I would like to [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well this week. I am really pressed for time so I have to keep it next to null this week. I want to remind you that we, the Honey House will be at Lake Walenpaupack High School Craft Show this coming Saturday & Sunday. This is a neat [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are having a great week and I hope you enjoy the note today .“The Sparks of Life Itself, Enzymes” According to Dr. Edward Howell, physician and pioneer in enzyme research, “enzymes are essential for digesting food, for stimulating the brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs, and [...]

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