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Hi Friends, I need to keep it short and simple today. We have been having some computer problems, which has made it a little difficult this week. GREAT TESTIMONY! Our friend Dino is 69 years young. He plans on emailing me his report in the next couple weeks but I just have to share some [...]

Hi Friends, It’s always so good to talk to you via the internet. But it is second to live. I hope you enjoy the note today. If you would like to check us out or order, our website is: www.hallelujahhive.com . Our # is 570-868-8172. My mobile is: 570-401-1353. “Feeding The Exterior” I thought it [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well. If you missed last nights covered dish/teaching meeting, you missed a lot of fun. We had a Medical Doctor, a Chiropractor, and a Natural Raw Chef among other great folks to keep me in line as I spoke on weight loss. The food was abundant and delicious. [...]

“Honey House Weekly Note”   March 5, 2007 Hi Friends, Hope you’re well, not depressed and looking forward to soon a coming “Spring”. Honey House “Let’s Get Healthy” Covered Dish/Teaching Meeting! It’s this Saturday the 10th at 5:30pm. Come have a great time meeting new friends, eating the right kind of good food and learning [...]

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