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Hi Friends, Thanks for tuning in. Hope you had a wonderful week. Please enjoy. The Honey House! You can find us at the Hometown Farmers Market on Wednesdays, all year round, from 8am until 8pm, inside the long building, midway, across from the Amish chicken stand. You can also find us on the internet at [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you enjoy the note today! Before I get to the (pardon the pun) meat of the note today, I just have some tips and thoughts to share if you don’t mind. If you do, then just scroll down. Dorothy, our children and I, have had occasional problems with sensitive teeth over the [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are doing well this week in mind, body and spirit. Thanks for opening up the note. Please enjoy. Our daughter Laura, the Natural Gourmet Chef, is going to be starting her own newsletter. For now though, her letter will be cut and pasted onto ours. If you are interested in having [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you enjoy the note today. May you find healing, new life, and the Honey House at the Hometown Market. It’s on route 54 just west of route 309, 2 miles north of Tamaqua. Laura’s Sweet Gourmet! Gourmet Chef Laura has recently graduated from the “Natural Gourmet Institute” in NYC. She turned down [...]

Hi Friends, Happy Holiday! No, wait. That sounds watered down and generic. Maybe it should be Happy 4th of July: In honor of what our forefathers have done for us. You know, maybe we should do the same with Christmas and Hanukkah. Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah sounds a lot better than happy holidays. Anyway, [...]

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