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Hi Friends, Thanks for tuning in today. Hope you are all well. Please enjoy! Body Cream Contest! We have a Winner!! Dorothy and I want to thank everyone who sent in names for Dorothy’s natural whole body cream. There are some pretty good ideas out there. Nevertheless, we can’t pick everyone. However, we plan to [...]

Hi Friends, Thank you for opening the note today. Hope you had a great week. Please enjoy!! Name That Cream! We’re having a sort of a contest here at The Honey House. We need a name for Dorothy’s Cream. Some of you already purchase it. It is a concentrated whole body moisturizing cream with sandalwood. [...]

Hi Friends, Glad you could tune in to the note today. Hope you enjoy. We have been offering all natural healing promoting products at The Honey House for quite a few years now, and Ladies & Gentlemen, we have seen and are in the process of seeing some incredible testimonies and what some would call [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all well in mind, body and spirit. Thanks for tuning in to the note today. Please enjoy! New Wildflower Raw Honey Crop Is In!! We will have it at the Hometown Market on Wednesday. We also have it at our country home in Dorrance. You can come and get it. [...]

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