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Hi Friends, Hope you all had a great week and a better one to come. I think it is finally fall. The sky looks like autumn. The trees look like autumn. The wind and flying leaves look like autumn. Now, the air feels like autumn. It’s not HOT anymore. I would like to welcome all [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well this week and I hope you enjoy the note today. Green Dragon Farmers Market! In Ephrata, Pennsylvania. One of the largest farmers markets on the east coast of the United States. Open 52 Fridays a year from 9 till 9. It’s less than 3 weeks and counting [...]

Hi Friends, Sorry this is so late. However, I do have some info I want to put out. Hope you enjoy. www.LaurasSweetGourmet.com is now live. It is only one page, so far, but Laura’s website is started. There is also more updated info about her and us at The Honey House website www.hallelujahhive.com . HOMETOWN [...]

Hi Friends, Thanks for opening the note today. I hope you enjoy!! Green Dragon Farmers Market! Ephrata, Pennsylvania near Lancaster. At this writing, the Amish are building our store to be set up at the Tower Village section of the market. We are scheduled to open on Friday, November 9th, Lord willing. As you can [...]

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