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Hi my Friends, Hope you are all well in spirit, mind and body. Please take a few minutes to read the following write up. These old ways, some with a modern twist, could actually save your life, or the life of somebody you know. Enjoy! Todd, the Owner of Honey Gardens Apiaries Yesterday I had [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you enjoy the note today. The Honey House now in 5 locations: #1—Hometown Farmers Market in Tamaqua area. Open year round on Wednesdays from 8am until 8pm. #2—Green Dragon Farmers Market in Ephrata. Open year round on Fridays from 9am until 9pm, with the exception of January & February open only till [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all well in body, soul, and spirit. Dorothy, Laura, Amy, and I are home from vacation and back to work. We’re open for shipping and shopping at our home in Dorrance. Wednesday we plan to be back at Hometown Market (8am – 8pm) and Friday back to Green Dragon in [...]

Hi Friends, Happy New Year!! May 2008 be filled with great blessings from the Lord for you and your families. May you all prosper and be in good health. Dorothy, Laura, Amy, and I pray the best for our friends for this year and beyond. *****Some reminders for the coming weeks: · Our shop at [...]

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