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Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well this week. Thanks for opening up our note today. Please enjoy. My daughter, Laura, and I were in a clothing store yesterday. There were 3 ladies behind the counter doing the sales. I overheard one say to the others that she was coming down with a cold [...]

Hi Friends, Hope this note finds you well this week and I hope you enjoy the writing. Have you ever been out to dinner eating very tasty food and wondered how long you would be able to do that, not just financially but health-wise. “How long will I be able to digest this spicy-a-meat-a-ball stuff,” [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all well this week and making it through the dark winter of the great Northeast. Nevertheless, the bright sunny warm breezes of spring are coming. I miss walking everyday outside getting the healthy sunshine and fresh air. I want to welcome all the new subscribers to our little Honey House [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well in spirit, soul and body on this so-called super Sunday. But the celebration of the real Super Sunday happens in about 6 weeks. I can’t wait. It’s called Easter…..ttt Please enjoy the note today. Honey House News: Announcing the grand opening of our daughter Amy’s new stand [...]

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