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Hi Health-Minded Friends, Hope you had a wonderful week and I hope you are full of youthful health. Welcome those who are new to our little note this week. Please enjoy!! Disclaimer! We at The Honey House are not doctors. My wife Dorothy used to be an RN. She isn’t anymore. If you burn your [...]

Hi Friends, I hope you are all doing well this week in mind, body, and spirit. A hardy welcome to those who are new to our little note. I will try not to be too crazy this week, like usual, so our newcomers will take the note seriously. Nah! That will never happen. I was [...]

Hi Friends, Hope you are all healthy and full of great joy this week. I want to welcome the many new folks who are receiving this small humble newsletter for the first time. In addition, thanks to the many hundreds who faithfully read the note each week and put up with me through it. When [...]

Hi Friends, I hope you enjoy the note today. Please visit us at Green Dragon or Hometown Farmers Markets. Thanks! “Living Past 100…With Energy & Dignity” Don’t take it from me, I’m only a boy, a mere 55. I’ve received my inspiration, besides the Great Almighty, from folks like Dr. Norman Walker, whose energy took [...]

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