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Thanks for opening the note today. I hope you are encouraged and inspired.


If given a choice of being poor and healthy or a billionaire and sick, which would you choose?

May you be rich and healthy for all eternity. If you haven’t discovered Yerba Matte yet (a very rich, slightly spicy high anti-oxidant tea )…..really, it is better than coffee. I thought I would never live the day to say that. You can find it at Wegman’s and other healthy stores. You can even get chocolate Yerba Matte.

If you have discovered it, a tablespoon of raw honey and a little soy milk added to a 16 ounce cup is perfect for reading our note and watching our YouTubes videos: Please enjoy!!

Hallelujah Hive for Christmas!


For your family and special friends, we have some fine, unique, healthy gift ideas! Folks love getting gifts from you from Hallelujah Hive. For starters, we have 30 different 100% natural soaps, a large variety of 100% beeswax candles, the finest skin creams, pure, organic maple syrup, and raw (mostly organic) honey from some of the best natural local and national beekeepers. We have stocking stuffers like small honey bears, our own all natural lip balms, small old fashioned natural perfume creams, and much more!

Please keep us in mind for the holidays! Thanks!!


Remember! We are open all year round at Green Dragon Farmers market on Friday’s from 8am until 8pm (about 6pm in winter). Our building, located in the Tower Village section is now completely heated, so it is very comfortable, even in January and February.

We are also open year round at Hometown Farmers Market from 8am until 8pm. Hometown is also completely heated.

We have two more markets at Fork’s Farm this year. The next one is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 20th, from 1pm until 6pm. The last is Saturday, December 15th from 10am until 1pm. The spring market starts in April.


SUPERFOOD Power Drink SPECIAL! At the markets only….

If you buy the Barley Max, Carrot Max, and Beet Max together, you save almost $22 off retail! The total for all three is $100. I talk about the benefits on the video if you click here…



We are now totally restocked with plenty of local, Joshua White’s raw white clover honey from Buckhorn, PA.

We also have plenty of the Beekeeper’s Daughter’s (Hanna) local raw Summer (Alfalfa, Basswood, Locust & Clover) honey from Dallas PA.


Skin Cream SPECIAL! At the Markets:


Sandalwood for itchy, dry skin is 20% off. Can’t beat it! You will not be sorry, and this is a great deal. Our skin cream, as always, is totally natural.


Laura’s Sweet Gourmet:


Our daughter Laura is hard at work this time of year taking orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Many of you may remember her delicious goodies at the markets in the not too distant past. If you are interested in ordering some all natural and organic, vegan baked goods for Thanksgiving, please contact her! Full Thanksgiving meals are also available. You can visit her Facebook page at “Laura’s Sweet Gourmet.” There you will find a complete product list and you may ask for her Thanksgiving order form as well. Or, send her an e-mail at: laurassweetgourmet@hotmail.com



If you would like to be inspired spiritually, please tune into our two short YouTube videos here…





Thanks for checking us out today.

Hope to see you at the markets this week,



“But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some ount slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” 2nd Peter chapter 3, verse 8&9.

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