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Hi Friends,
Thanks for opening the Note today. I’m sorry I have been so lax lately with the newsletter. Like most of you, we have been quite busy during the Christmas season. Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.
I hope to encourage and inspire you folks through this Note as we enter 2013. Please relax, sip some Yerba Matte and enjoy!

I want to thank our friend Wendy, a great poet, for sending us one of her masterpeices. Wendy owns the Rose Hill Bed & Breakfast in Roanoke, Virginia. If you would like a friendly place to stay traveling on route 81, this is it. Bring an appetite. And Wendy caters to us vegans and other restricted diets. Please enjoy the poem:
How lovely, if I were a bee,
to fly about the firmament
and tote the stuff of life with me
to gift each blossom as I went.
Unsound aerodynamically
yet gravity I’d circumvent,
each nectar bath and pollen spree,
forms liquid gold with flowery scent.
How wondrous, if I were a tree,
to shelter in the shade I sent
two lovers, in a moment free,
who stayed until their love was spent.
High in my branches, built alee,
the squirrel frames his winter tent.
The frigid winds from which he’d flee
pass by, with my protection lent.
How beautiful, if I could be
a star, who with the moons consent,
shines down on bee and flower and tree
as soon as sun makes his descent.
The child, who prays on bended knee,
with head loving in reverence bent
looks up, and sings a song to me,
then makes a wish and sleeps, content.
I’d do it all without a fee,
no worldly goods need I augment.
As one with nature’s harmony,
I’d have to think my life well-spent.

© Copyright 2012. Wendy R. Blair. All rights reserved.

“True Energy, True Weight Loss and True Health”

Yes! Please read on. It is for the taking. As we enter 2013, I have just recently entered my sixties. I have a plan for the next decade if the Lord keeps me here another decade.
It is my goal to become a real Health Guru, not a wannabe Health Guru. I have watched over the years many of you folks healed of terminal cancer, arthritis and other diseases. This inspires me to no end. Someone said recently that part of being rich is having your health. I spent decades sick, going from one illness to another until at 42, ulcerative colitis and other infirmities almost did me in. Today I feel 25 much of the time…..well maybe 35. Maybe by the time I am 70, I will feel like 25 again. I need to take this tire around my waist and relocate it to my shoulders in the form of muscle. I have work to do over the next few months, and maybe a little longer than that. Please come with me on this quest as I’m sure a few of you may have some details to take care of in your health.
Today I plan to talk a little about diet, although exercise, sunshine, less stress, and other criteria are important too.
I want to talk about three simple methods to more energy, weight loss and true health.
The first is the beehive. The beehive really is a fountain of youth.
By using the natural honeybee made products, there is found energy, weight loss, stronger immune system, healthier upper repository, stronger bones, healthier digestive system, younger countenance, much less arthritis, cleared sinuses………Oh My! The list is endless! It is a fountain of youth.
The beehive products are raw honey, raw bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and wax. I believe bee pollen is the most powerful of the products, as I see many testimonies through our customers of weight loss and healed arthritis.
Anywhere from two teaspoons to two to three tablespoons a day of the pollen is a good rule of thumb. It has been shown that bee pollen is the most perfect and powerful food in the world containing all the vitamins, minerals, and everything else needed for man to live out his entire life–along with water.
The propolis, which the bees get from the bark of fir and poplar trees, is the most powerful antibiotic in the world with zero side effects. Great for acne (90+% healed in less than a week), poison ivy, sore throat, etc.
The Royal Jelly is a good prevention for cancer and the best sleeping pill you will probably ever take. Ask my customers who had insomnia. They don’t anymore.
I could go on all day about the bee products, but lets go on to the second method for energy: weight loss and true health; carbs, greens and low fat.
Dr. John McDougall is a national and international medical doctor and natural Health Guru. He is fit as a fiddle. But at 25, he was obese and recovering from a stroke. I’m not sure how old he is. I think around 55-65.
Dr. Mc Dougall is all about low fat, veggies, and lots of good carbs. He did a study on folks eating a pretty lousy diet. Instead of taking away the bad things they were eating, he had them add a lot of whole grain breads, brown rice and other good carbs to their S.A.D. diet. With all that added food, they actually lost weight.
There are people out there on high protein, low carb diets. They lose weight at first, but the body is a wise old computer that catches on fast to what we are trying to get away with. Many end up with heart disease, or at best, start gaining back the weight.
Our bodies were created to eat carbs and veggies (Not deep fried potato chips). Doctor McDougall wants us to build our daily diet around meals of veggies, carbs, and less fat. He is totally against animal products (red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, etc.). Good fats include a small amount of raw nuts and seeds, avocado, little or no flax oil, etc. Some good carbs are spelt pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, yams, baking potatoes, millet, etc.
On this diet, you can virtually eat as many carbs as you wish. If you stay low fat, you will lose weight. Did you know all the beehive products are good carbs?
Believe it or not, pizza on whole grain dough with sauce, lots of veggies (mushrooms, spinach, onions, peppers etc.), and no cheese is good for you. Dorothy and I add vegan cheese made from cashews, almonds and nutritional yeast.
Breads are fine, as long as they are whole grain. Stay away from that white stuff. It will stick to your colon, make you sick, and you will gain weight.
Yes! Baked potatoes are fine according to Doctor McDougall.
For sweeteners, I would stay with raw honey, organic maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, and brown rice syrup. There are a couple more that I don’t use, but I can’t think of them right now.
The third method to true energy, true weight loss, and true health is a liberal intake of distilled water. Drink half your weight in ounces per day. You will flow with energy. It will start about twenty minutes after you drink that initial 10 to 16 ounce glass.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT! If you drive long distances, I have found that when I get tired, a sip of water every few minutes will revive me.
Drinking only distilled water will keep you from cataracts and Alzheimer’s disease. These and other so-called old-people diseases are caused by the dead minerals in ground and spring water turning our bodies to stone. Believe me, after drinking distilled water for over 15 years, I know you will see a large difference. My arthritis went away in my leg, and the calcium deposits in my hands left after I started drinking distilled.
Once again, no time to write about them now, but don’t forget lots of rest, less stress, exercise, forgiving, oxygen (deep breathing) and sunshine.

If you would like to see my health YouTube video today, just click here:


To prepare for great health in 2013, we have a very gentle colon cleanse from Hallelujah Acres called Fiber Cleanse. You will lose some of that bulge down there that you think everyone sees. The parasites will be gone in two weeks. You will be able to absorb nutrition much better with the junk on the sides of your colon gone. Did I mention the youthful energy that will be coming back?
We also have the B-Flax-D from Hallelujah Acres that is a very tasty daily colon maintenance. I use this in my daily fiber drink that gives me energy and helps keep me regular.

Dry Skin?

You must not be using our natural soap then. Get away from the store bought chemical and drying agent soaps and start using real natural olive oil and honey soap.
Dorothy and I developed it about 7 years ago because we were sick of trying to find good soap out there. Ours is totally pure in every way. No artificial anything.
Hallelujah Hive Natural soap is great for all types of skin. Be forwarned! It is addicting. Use it one time in the shower and you will be officially addicted. We have about 30 varieties to choose from and believe it or not, they are still 3 for $15.
We also have 3 different Specialty soaps at 5.95 each:
Aloe & Herb–Truly amazing at relieving eczema and psoriasis
Tea Tree–Shampoo & body bar for dandruff and acne
Facial–Rose and Vanilla with white clay for a light exfoliate on, of course, your face.

We also have Aloe & Herb skin cream for the body to relieve eczema and psoriasis and Rose/Frankincense for the body and face. This Rose/Frankincense cream with pomegranate is anti-wrinkle and anti-cancer.

If you would like to view the spiritual controversial YouTube please click here:

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Hope to see you at the markets this week,

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.”
John Chapter 10 verses 27-29.

For those truly saved who think they have the power to lose their salvation. Please go to our spiritual YouTube video above.

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