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Happy almost end of January! Why is January always such a difficult month? What is January like where the weather is nice? I would imagine it is nice. Oh well! I’m thankful for the gift of another day of life.
Thanks for opening the note today. Please enjoy!

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There is a tummy virus going around that we do not have to partake of. That upper respiratory cough and accompanying flu & cold you probably already know about. That one has been around since at least Thanksgiving. Below I want to share how we can take the road around these illnesses and miss them altogether.

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“2013 Virus Tempter and Virus Preventer”

My Grandfather used to say, “I opened the door and in-flu-enza”. That is not true if we keep our immune system up and strong. You know spring is going to come eventually, the sun will be strong, the breezes warm. We will go outside and get plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D from the sunshine. All these winter sicknesses will fade away. But until then, let’s see if we can beat those wicked sicknesses.
Here are a couple lists of the virus tempters and the virus preventers. Remember, it is not denying ourselves, it is simply replacing the bad with the good.

Virus tempters:
Processed and refined foods like white sugar and white flour products, fried foods, commercial animal products like dairy and meat (As opposed to organic unprocessed animal products), soft drinks, caffeine, being a couch potato (no exercise), high stress, little rest etc. This is a recipe for getting sick. Try it. It works every time without fail.

Virus Preventers:

OK! Let’s get serious now.
First of all, crack a couple windows in the home. I know the heater is on, but that little bit of fresh air will help offset the stale air that has built up all winter.
Do some exercise. Dorothy and I both have our different exercise routines everyday. It is good to do some aerobic and even use some light dumbells for resistance workouts.
Watch the bad stress. This is worse of all, even worse than bad diet. A couple tricks is turning off the news, spending time meditating and talking to our Creator and His Word, forgiving the other guy and letting it go, thinking positive and not worrying all the time.
When I was real ill back in the nineties, I had to give up my contracting business of about 20 years to get away from the high stress.
Rest is very important. The health guru David Klein says we need 10 hours of sleep per day. I think it is different for all of us, but I don’t believe it is only 3-4 hours.
I find if I get to bed before midnight and take a 20 minute nap during the day, I have more energy and feel better.
Having a good amount of fiber in the diet will help the colon run correctly, preventing constipation and that bogging down of our system from sticky processed foods. Having a good fiber drink every day composed of ground flaxseed, psyllium, apple cider vinegar, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and raw bee pollen keeps me regular and feeling good.
I would keep the sweets to a minimum during the winter eating only raw honey, organic maple syrup, brown rice syrup, and black strap molasses. Refined sugars will quickly knock down the immune system making you susceptible to those bad viruses.
Here are some of the high anti-oxidant foods that Dorothy and I eat to keep our immune system strong:
Bee Hive Products! Such as Raw honey, raw bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.
We eat a lot of raw organic fruits, berries and veggies. We usually have a fruit smoothie with greens (barley max, spinach or kale) for lunch, a very large green salad with a good carb (brown rice, spelt pasta, yams, etc.) and steamed, stir fried, or baked veggies for dinner.
Our dinner is really not that boring most of the time as we improvise with maybe whole grain pizza with vegan cheese and lots of veggies, veggie pot pie, tofu stir fry, breakfast for dinner (whole wheat pancakes, home fries, etc.) and much more. We even try to go to a Thai restaurant on occassion for authentic homemade Thai food.
We also take our whole food supplements like Barley Max. I tell folks that Barley Max is the most important food I put in my body as it helps normalize the blood, rebuild the whole skeletal structure of the body and it alkalizes the body. Remember, disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment.
Folks, preventing illness over the winter is literally not a piece of cake. LOL! Thanks for taking the time to read this article.


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Hope to see you this week at the markets. They’re warm and cozy.

Psalm 23 in red and my interpretation in green

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”
Jesus is my Provider, Protector and King. He takes care of all my needs.

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul.”
Jesus provides a safe, green home for me (Green is an “in word” right now), right beside peaceful neighbors, friendly animals and nice weather. No matter what I have done, Jesus covers my soul with His blood and makes it pure as the snow is white. Now that’s true peace!

“He leads me in paths of righteousness for His Names sake.”
Jesus will always help me to live right, and He gets all the credit.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

OK! Even though it seems like death is all around me, it is only a shadow. If Jesus’ Holy Spirit lives inside me, I really cannot die (Just my body). There is no reason to be afraid.

“Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.”
I am totally protected by His love and power because I am His. What a comfort!

“Thou prepares a table for me in the midst of my enemies”
WOW! I get to eat in the presence of the Lord and have communion right here in this life, even though my enemies are all around me. And of course, my enemies are not human. They are only powerless demons.

“Thou anointous my head with oil, my cup overflows.”
God puts Himself all over me. I am filled to overflowing with God’s own precious Spirit!

“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.”
Jesus, not the Devil, has my back all the way through this journey of life.

“And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”
For millions and billions multiplied by always I will live in God’s house, the new Jerusalem.

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