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High End Perfume Spray!


Hallelujah Hive has started a new line of 100% pure essential oil blend perfume sprays. (On Facebook you can see the picture of these products).

Our first Perfume Spray is Patchouli, which is a blend of about ten different essential oils including the very pricey Jasmine and Sandalwood and a top quality Patchouli. Besides essential oils, the only other ingredient is organic grape alcohol. Folks, this is the real deal. These fragrances are not created in the laboratory with chemicals that absorb horrible stuff into your skin. These are nature’s pure awesome oils. Come to the markets and try a sample on your skin. Why spend hundreds on chemicals when you can get the real deal for $24.95!

Remember guys, Valentines Day is Thursday. Hint!





I have some good news and some…….good news! Number 1, because we don’t add the essential oils for fragrance, the price is cheaper. Number 2, you are free to either take it as is (Same great moisturizing and skin nutrient feeding cream) or purchase a small or large bottle of pure essential oil, stir in some drops and make it your own.

Just think, you can add say, lavender oil and have a very relaxing cream, or peppermint for rejuvenation. Of course if you were me, I would just add patchouli. Yes, I’m one of those patchouli lovers. You could even add a mix of different oils.

We will introduce the unscented cream at Hometown Farmers Market this coming Wednesday.



Elderberry Syrup! Is in!!


Yes. We have a limited supply of this cold and flu Preventer and healer. OH! I can’t say healer in this country if it is not a drug. If you drink this elderberry, somehow the body tends to heal itself. OK. Well said!!


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