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Hi Friends,
Thanks for opening the note today. Hope you are doing well in mind, body, and spirit. I want to wish my Jewish friends an upcoming Happy Hanukkah. For me, I see five seasons a year. There is Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas. I like five seasons. Christmas is the best. Please enjoy the note ahead that might just inspire you to a new level of life. You know, we don’t have to be sick, and we never have to be old.
Dorothy’s Uncle Sam is turning 100 this week. His wife, Aunt Mary, is 88. They don’t walk the neighborhood everyday like they used to, but they do go to the senior center once a week. They still drive. Uncle Sam always swore by his stewed prunes everyday and going as a couple once a week to Hardees to get their biscuit. They live in the state of Dorothy’s dad, Alabama, southern Alabama, near the Gulf.
Again, please enjoy the written note and the YouTube videos along the way!
Forks Farm Market! December 15th
*****I will not be there this year due to other responsibilities. However, if you would like to place an order, I can give it to my daughter Laura, and you can pick it up at her stand (Laura’s Sweet Gourmet). She will be selling Christmas pies and such near the barn store.*****

Christmas Presents at Hallelujah Hive!
We have lots of wonderful Christmas present ideas for those you love; even your enemies if you want them around for a while. Here are just some ideas:
* A large variety of 100% Beewax candles (Pillars, votives, figurines, tapers, etc.)
* 100% pure Bayberry Candles hand dipped in connected 6 inch taper pairs.
* Of course, 30 different natural soaps (we have soap bags too).
* Stocking stuffers like little honey bears, small essential oil perfumes, 100% natural lip balms, and much more.
*Natural skin creams.
*Various raw honeys, locally and from locations around the country. (Don’t forget to try our Blackberry from the Blue ridge Mountains of North Carolina).
We have a lot more items. Please visit our beautiful shops at Hometown and Green Dragon Farmers Markets opened year round (Heated in the winter).

“Don’t Want to be Sick at Christmas Time?”
Here are some good prevention ideas!
*Let go of the stress. For instance, when waiting in that long line–be happy, the lines are shorter in recessions–instead of getting huffey puffey, just strike up a conversation with the person in front or behind you. You might make a friend.
*Keep excerising like we do in the summer to look like the movie stars. This way toxins won’t build up in our bodies.
*Stay away from processed sugars. Use maple syrup, mollasses, and raw honey for sweeteners.
*Take the beehive products. They’re our B vitimins. In fact, everything we need to have a healthy existence nutritionally is in the hive. It really is a fountain of youth. You folks know we have the raw honey, fresh bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis in different forms.
*Take a fiber drink everyday so you don’t get constipated, and everything flows like it should. Here is my fiber drink every morning:
1 Tablespoon–maple syrup, elderberry syrup (from Honey Gardens), pysillium, Braggs organic apple cider vinegar, fresh bee pollen.
Heaping tablespoon– B-Flax-D (From Hallelujah Acres)

16 ounce glass of water
This concoction tastes great!!


*Be a giver. The Bible says when you cast your bread upon the water, after many days it will return to you. Even if it doesn’t, there is such joy in helping someone out.


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Thank you for visiting us today. Hope to see you all at the markets,



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